Space Force twobyfour™ by Chroma-Q

A.C. Lighting Inc.

The Chroma-Q® Space Force twobyfour™ is a cost-effective, bright, high quality variable white LED soft light panel that is a modern replacement for traditional soft sources used in TV studios, live broadcast, film, green screen, backdrop, and photographic applications.

Product Specs

Key Features

  • High quality, pure, diffused soft lighting
  • Variable white – 2,800K – 6,000K
  • Smooth, soft uniform beam
  • Up to 55,000 lumens
  • 8 individually control zones
  • Convection cooling for quiet operation
  • Lightweight (21.4kg / 47lbs) with built-in power & dimming
  • Standard 24.6” x 48.5” size, 1:2 ratio (fits in a drop ceiling tile)
  • Variable PWM flicker-free operation
  • Wireless DMX (optional) / RDM
  • Chroma-Q’s proven LED performance

The panel’s 2×4 ratio and compact dimensions enable it to be mounted side-by-side, overhead, or on a wall, to create a huge volume of light in a standard room ceiling height studio or a small space. A dual sliding slots system allows for various beam control options to be mounted on the fixture.

Highly efficient and natively single-source, the twobyfour is CCT variable between 2,800K and 6,000K, with an output of up to 55,000 lumens. The extremely high quality, diffused light is matched by a superbly smooth dimming intensity gradation.

The twobyfour allows for individual control of 2, 4, or 8 sections’ intensity and CCT – creating various shades and effects.

Convection cooling provides quiet operation for studios, and its low consumption provides a cooler working environment, reducing air conditioning needs to further boost energy savings.

With manual & remotely controllable LED frequency up to 96,000Hz, the twobyfour ensures flicker-free operation. Extensive DMX / RDM functionality is provided through wired, or the optional LumenRadio CRMX, connections.

The fixture’s built-in power & control electronics make it quick and easy to set up. Built to last, the twobyfour requires minimal maintenance and retains colour consistency between units owing to our LED emitter inspection and proprietary ColorSure™ LED calibration system.

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Eric Druker

Film and Broadcast Specialist