smartDASH & smartSCOPE

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Lawo smartDASH System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry is vendor-agnostic software for network and media visibility across an all-IP, all-SDI or hybrid WAN/LAN broadcast infrastructure. smartSCOPE Deep Packet Inspection & Network Analyzer adds a media-agnostic, high-density 24/7 analysis platform for IP flows in live production and delivery.

smartDASH provides a complete overview of a network and media streams flowing through it. It derives media network data, and documents the network & supporting infrastructure. It will visualize connectivity and bandwidth usage, discover and trace live media flows from origin to destination, and convert network and media data points into actionable intelligence. Telemetry provides in-/out-of-service alarm generation and reporting, alongside real-time communication and telemetry from COTS platforms to third-party, purpose-built equipment. smartDASH supports monitoring and decoding for media formats from low-bit-rate OTT/ABR streams to uncompressed ST2110 studio production flows, in addition to characterizing packet pacing off the delivery network. Unifying network telemetry and mixed media flow brings deep operational visibility into a single glass view. smartDASH tracks device inventory spares, and accounts for CAPEX and OPEX KPIs to manage cost of ownership. Increasingly the backbone of audio/video production and broadcasting, IP flows are vulnerable to packet loss, jitter, encoding errors and transport violations among other service-affecting errors, making monitoring and visualization imperative to reliable operation. smartSCOPE provides the analysis and decoding processing necessary to alert operation tiers of service and packet transport related impairments in ST2110/ST2022/ASPEN production flows, linear MPEG services and over-the-top adaptive bit rate (OTT/ABR) defined streams.

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