Small Cells

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Product Description:  As people spend more of their time streaming music, watching videos, and conducting business on the go, wireless networks have to be equipped to handle an exponential increase in data. To keep up, small cells are deployed to work in conjunction with traditional cell towers to bring extra coverage and capacity to areas that need it. As the world moves to 5G, small cells will be even more crucial to bringing exciting new technologies and capabilities to life. Small cells consist of discreet, fiber-connected antennas that are often attached to things like streetlights, signposts, or utility poles to fill in coverage gaps and boost data capacity. They’re also versatile enough to be used in stadiums, convention centers, or even in office buildings where coverage can be a challenge. As the market leader in small cell technology, we’re uniquely equipped to provide the connectivity we need today—and that tomorrow’s innovations demand.

Product Specs

Sergio Amatangelo

Director of Sales, Strategic Accounts