Shift Media
Shift Media gives reviewers what they’re asking for: a singular, secure, hassle-free destination for previewing pre-release content. frees PR teams up to do what they do best — build buzz and secure killer coverage. Spend your time building relationships with reviewers instead of finding lost passwords, importing users, or resolving playback issues. 

  • Easy User Management – Upload your own lists, easily assign viewers to shows, and send notifications when new episodes are available. 
  • Real-time Security – Our SafeStream technology protects your screeners through forensic and visible watermarking. Each screener is unique. 
  • Detailed Analytics – Drill down by campaign, episode, or user. See which shows reviewers watched and how long they stayed engaged.
  • Happy Reviewers – Great user experience, resumable playback across devices, support for set-top boxes, and password-less login. 

Product Specs