Scanity 4K HDR

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Scanity HDR is a versatile, high speed, film scanning solution, suitable for dailies, feature film mastering, EDL/conform scanning, low resolution browsing, archive and restoration, short-form commercials, as well as digital intermediate scanning.

Scanity HDR has been developed specifically for archive and restoration facilities to manage a range of difficult and historically-aged film issues. It facilitates the ingest of difficult dense black and white materials at real-time speeds using a unique triple-exposure technology – which means that instead of slowing down, the speed remains constant, creating significant time and cost benefits and allowing access to previously unseen details from the high and lowlights of the film at extraordinary speeds.

Product Specs

Film Transport Play / Record Speeds – depending on resolution 4K – 15 fps (4-perf) 2K – 25 fps (4-perf) 1K – 44 fps (4-perf) 0.5K – 69 fps (4-perf) 0.25K – 96 fps (4-perf) Variable speed control: speeds can be slowed down according to requirements. Speed depends on the limitations of clients file system, workstation and storage solution. Optional Lens Gate Assemblies S35/35 mm S16/16 mm S8/8 mm WetGate for 35 mm and 16 mm Roller gate with reference edge on which the film travels Optical perforation recognition and evaluation Pressured air supported film gate No parts where the film might slide or wear Film Format 35 mm Maximum scan width: 25.8 mm; Pixel pitch 6.0 µm; 2-perf; 3-perf, 4-perf, 8-perf (VistaVision); Cinemascope Fixed settings for Full Aperture (Super 35) and ACA (Academy Camera Aperture) Film Format 16 mm Maximum scan width 12.9 mm; Pixel pitch 3.0 µm; S16 or 16 mm Fixed settings for S16, N16 Key Code Reader For 16 mm and 35 mm films Film stock recognition and film stock memory recall, metadata generation Local Control Touch screen display For calibration, major film deck functions, and low resolution image representation film ingest task monitoring and status indication Focus Automatically, manually, in stop and in play Framing Coarse and fine Film Length On cores 2000 feet, 609 m; A/B wind Visible Navigation Supported by proxy images from cache; Cache keeps all images of a 2,000 foot film in 0.5K resolution Step with Image Instantly from cache (if filled) Shuttle with Image Visible forward live and supported by cache (if filled); Backwards supported by cache (if filled) Spooling w/out Image 2.2 m/s = 120 fps on a 4-perf 35 mm film Mechanical Dimensions Cabinet 984 mm (width) x 1943 mm (height) x 811 mm (depth) – including door handles Weight: ±320 kg / 705 lb Transport Crate 2100 mm (width) x 1080 mm (height) x 1210 mm (depth); Weight: ±150 kg / 330 lb AC Power Connections AC Supply 1-phase current 240 V, 50 Hz 2-phase current 208 V, 60 Hz 2-phase current 200 V, 60 Hz

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