Safire 3 chroma keyer

Crystal Vision Ltd.

Broadcast engineers select the Safire 3 real-time chroma keyer for its affordable high picture quality, ease-of-use and long list of features – including built-in color correction and video delay. Working with 3Gb/s, HD and SD video sources, Safire 3 is ideal for any live virtual production – from studio to sport.

You can set up an impressive chroma key automatically using multi-point sampling, or you can manually adjust the picture using any of the fine-tuning tools available – from lighting compensation to noise reduction filters. These adjustments can be made using a choice of control options – from touch screen control panel to web browser.

Safire 3 is a module that fits in Crystal Vision’s Indigo frames, saving you rack space by allowing up to 12 chroma keyers (or other modules) in 2RU.

Read the Safire 3 brochure for more information…

Product Specs