ruby Radio Mixing Console


ruby, from Lawo, is the mixing console that truly meets the demands of modern radio by blending the hands-on immediacy of physical faders with the context-sensitive efficiency of multi-touch controls. ruby frees your talent to create easily, naturally, effortlessly — in the way that suits them best. ruby is intuitive, uncluttered, powerful; but beneath its svelte surface lie color-programmable visual cues, context-sensitive displays and custom workflow options to help ensure that your hands always find the control you need, first time — every time. The mixing surface has a sleek, modern look that’s both functional and beautiful, designed for fast, accurate operation. From the high-resolution OLEDs that display sources and settings to the programmable function buttons and big, tactile ON/OFF and PFL keys with LED backlighting, ruby looks and feels great. Built in Germany to exacting Lawo standards, ruby features all-metal construction, premium 100 mm faders with built-in dust shield, ergonomic wrist-rest and ultra-reliable switches and rotary controls. There are smart tools like AutoMix, an intelligent algorithm that automatically maintains the balance of multi-mic productions so that creative staff and focus on what they do best — create. Desktop or flush-mount versions in 4, 8, 12 and 16 fader frame sizes, plus standalone 4 and 8 fader and Master Control extenders, allow combining multiple frames to build systems as large as 60 faders.

Today’s board operators interact as much (or more) with screens and displays as they do with the mixing console, so we’ve integrated mixing tools and other console controls into ruby’s multi-touch enabled display (powered by Lawo’s VisTool GUI-building software). No hunting for buried options: multi-touch on-screen controls instantly give what’s needed to control studio devices, apply dynamics, adjust virtual faders, and display true loudness metering. The optional VisTool Unlimited software upgrade even enables you to design context-sensitive screens customized to your station’s unique operating style, using your own custom-built graphics and control layouts.

ruby controls Lawo’s Power Core, perhaps the most powerful mixing engine ever built for radio, with redundant IP networking and redundant power capabilities. At just 1RU, Power Core‘s compact form belies the immense capabilities inside. On the front panel, a high-resolution color OLED gives status and setup information. I/O includes dual AES67 Ethernet ports with SFP, capable of 128 bi-directional AoIP streams, and 4 ports for high-density MADI signals (128 total channels of audio) — perfect for native MADI-to-AES67 AoIP conversion. It complies with the ST2110-30 standard too, ensuring seamless operation in combined radio / TV broadcast plants. ST2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching enables simultaneous dual-redundant network links, if you choose. Clock sync connections and 8 GPI / GPO contact closures complete the scene. Auto-switching dual-redundant power is standard, with Power Core’s internal auto-ranging AC power supply complemented by an inlet which accommodates an external 12VDC backup power supply.

There are also 8 rear-panel expansion slots, which accept a variety of optional IO expansion cards, including MADI, mic/line inputs, line inputs and outputs, AES3 inputs and outputs, and even a Dante interface. And Power Core’s raw audio processing horsepower puts other mix engines to shame, with the ability to handle thousands of simultaneous signals, a routing matrix of up to 1,920 x 1,920 crosspoints, and up to 96 channels of DSP input processing usable for EQ, de-essing, dynamics, etc. tucked into just 1RU. Multiple tiered license options make it easy to choose the combination of price and power that’s just right for you.

Product Specs



  • Desktop or flush-mount versions in 4, 8, 12 and 16 fader frame sizes, plus standalone 4 and 8 fader and Master Control extenders for localized control placement in multi-user studios
  • Multiple frames may be combined for systems up to 60 faders
  • Single-frame or split-frame configurations
  • Motorized 100 mm faders
  • 6 console snapshots
  • Integral web server for system diagnosis, dedicated software tool for software updates, remote maintenance via VPN


  • Integrated discovery and direct networked routing control of AES67 / RAVENNA streams
  • Supports popular RAS and Ember+ control protocols for playout control over IP or serial connections
  • Programmable logic core (for “On-Air” tallies, Fader Start commands, Talkback integration, etc.)
  • TCP/IP remote control for connected Lawo matrix
  • Integrated mix-minus (clean feed) / conference logic (2 independent systems)
  • Integration with radio automation systems via serial & TCP/IP
Power Core

Five upgradeable license packages for Power Core are available:

  • Power Core EDGE – An entry-level configuration designed for deployment as a high-capacity audio gateway, where mixing surface control is not required.
  • Power Core SAN (Super Audio Node) – Configures Power Core as a high-capacity networked audio I/O gateway with limited DSP processing capabilities.
  • Power Core L – Matched to the requirements of single medium- and small-console studios, can accommodate up to 64 AES67 streams and 128 MADI streams, 128 physical and virtual faders (including utility software mini-mixer), 48 channels of DSP audio shaping, 16 channels of bus DSP processing, VisTool Standard touchscreen GUI control, and a 1728 x 1728 routing matrix.
  • Power Core XL – Ideal for network operations, master control rooms, or large, busy main studios with multiple input sources. Supports up to 254 physical and virtual faders, 96 channels of DSP (EQ, dynamics, compression and limiting), 32 channels of bus DSP processing, VisTool Standard touchscreen GUI control, 1920 x 1920 routing matrix, 78-station Intercom matrix.
  • Power Core MAX (Multiple Access) – All the features of Power Core XL, with support for up to 4 independent connected mixing surfaces — perfect for outfitting multiple studios with small or medium-sized consoles.
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