RƎLAY Virtual Radio Software


RƎLAY virtual radio software from Lawo brings professional radio production to your PC. Mixing, streaming, dynamics processing, routing and even AoIP signal monitoring, using standard RAVENNA / AES67 networking via Lawo’s virtual sound-card software for Windows. Mix and route any audio produced by PC applications, streams from your AES67 network, or any audio signal your PC can ingest. All this power at your fingertips, using touch-screen GUIs so intuitive that talent can learn them in minutes. No exotic hardware needed: just install RƎLAY software on your PC or laptop, and go to work. Perfect for production, live studios, newsrooms — even remotes and OB work.

There are four RƎLAY Virtual Radio apps:

  • VRX Virtual Radio Mixer, a powerful mixing console that runs in a virtualized environment. No racks of gear to devour space and money – RƎLAY VRX runs on standard PCs and laptops, with an intuitive, multitouch-enabled interface that’s easy to learn and use. Available in 8-fader and 4-fader versions.
  • VPB Virtual Patch Bay, a cross-point patch bay on your PC. RƎLAY VPB gives you unrestricted control over the routing and mixing of audio signals on your computer. Patch inputs to outputs, combine multiple channels, even apply processing using the included Lawo Processing Suite, or your favorite VST plug-ins.
  • RƎLAY Virtual Sound Card, an 8×8 AoIP driver (with up to 64 bi-directional channels of stereo I/O) for Windows. RƎLAY VSC turns PC audio into clean, pristine AES67 streams to interface with your studio’s RAVENNA / AES67 network — without the expense of traditional sound cards.
  • AoIP Stream Monitor keeps you informed of the state of your critical program streams with real-time confidence metering, LUFS meters, silence sense, audio level alerts, etc., displaying realtime informatics for up to 16 AES67-compatible audio streams. Average and peak bargraph meters for each channel are onscreen constantly, accompanied by a level readout in Loudness Units, and visual alarms for under-level, over-level and error states, plus multiple info tabs with stream health, performance history, and detailed SDP information. Perfect for Master Control displays, stream diagnostics, audio level checks, and much more.

Product Specs