Video and Audio test solutions for Analysis, Quality Control, Live and Post Production; supporting a wide range of applications from HD to 8K, SDI to IP, and enhanced HDR and WCG tools.

Product Specs

ST 2110, ST 2022-7, ST 2022-6 and PTP analysis at 10G and 25G

4 simultaneous SDI inputs – SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI, 12G-SDI

SD, HD, 4K and 8K resolutions and formats

Audio analysis and support for Dolby E/D/D+, Surround sound displays, ST 2110-30 and ST 2110-31

Objective measurement of HDR and gamma curves including Slog-2, Slog-3, Log-C, HLG, PQ content

Wide Color Gamut measurement and error detection for Rec. 709, DCI-P3, Rec.2020 color spaces

Customizable user interface with up to 8 tiles on dual screen and extended desktop

Remote access, NMOS routing, Syslog error logging

http API for easy integration

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