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Great moments in film can only be created with huge amounts of technical and artistic expertise – and of course, a sprinkling of magic. OxScan 14K has been designed to ensure great film moments are captured at their very best – high quality images that echo the technical and artistic expertise that created them. Developed initially for the ultra-high resolution ingest of 65mm Original Camera Negative film for mastering up to 14K RGB at 16 Bit, OXScan14K can now manage multiple film formats – 70mm, 65mm, 35mm (currently 4 perf only) and 16mm. OXScan 14K was developed to enable users to see “the bigger picture “, producing images which are high resolution, high quality, accurate and with high fidelity color performance.

Key Features The OXScan 14K combines three key features – an ultra high resolution native camera of 14K, with two different optional servo systems for either precise film transport and image stability (sprocket system), or an accurate adaptable archive friendly capstan system, that uses software to aid in its final delivery, and the flexibility of scanning a variety of film formats. OXScan 14K delivers a high resolution output, from 2K to 14K from a range of film formats and enables the user to visualize the live HD image without lengthy time delays in post processing. Developed by the experienced engineering team at DFT, not only does OXScan provide a high-quality deliverable, but it also gives users a highly flexible and user- configurable scanner, which can adapt to suit multiple uses. Ultra high resolution & range of film formats The OXScan 14K excels in the ingest of large format 65mm (5/15 perf) new Original Camera Negative as well as print 70mm films, mastering up to 14.3K horizontal and 10.7K vertical resolution, at up to16 Bit RGB. At full resolution (14K) it can achieve a maximum scanning speed of 2.8 seconds per frame, while handling film gently and accurately at this high level of resolution. For faster scans the OXScan can be equipped with a 12K camera for scanning speeds up to 2.2 seconds per frame. With this slightly reduced resolution camera a scanning speed up to 2 seconds per frame is possible with a native 8K resolution (for 35mm film). The OXScan 14K is positioned to deliver the demands of the highly anticipated 8K UHD market, making it a game changer for high quality deliverables from 70mm through to 16mm, facilitating access to unseen quality for future generations. Liquid cooled LED light source The OXScan 14K uses liquid cooled, super-low-power light emitting diodes to enable a high-resolution output, while handling the film safely. Automatic and manual control of the LED light source means the user can predetermine the conditions of final deliverables with ease. Precise & safe film transport Film stability is critical for the capture of precise, high resolution images. Sprocket and pin transport provides both horizontal and vertical image stability and is well suited for 35mm and 65mm film in good condition. Capstan film transport (optional) is better suited to more difficult and delicate films, as it provides both a smooth and gentle management of the material. A sophisticated software stabilization tool enables accurate image stability. Software features Virtually any resolution, from 2K to 14K, including custom output, can be created, using the built-in scaler software, with optimization for ROI ‘regions of interest’. This gives users the flexibility to select and focus on specific areas of the film to be scaled according to need. The image viewer and image analyzer provide options for digital zoom and pan, selection of regions of interest and a live view of histogram and pixel values. To customize and optimize the light & transfer feature, the user can select RGB density ranges and levels for linear, log/CPD and even input custom transfer characteristics.

Product Specs

Key features & Benefits

As the world’s first 14K ultra high resolution film scanner for 16mm, 35mm & 65mm/70mm films OXScan 14K provides :- 

High fidelity and authentic color performance

High performance image stability

Flexibility and choice of deliverables

Range of file output formats

Quality you can rely on

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