ORION 2110 Probe | for IP-based Media Workflows

Interra Systems

With the rapid increase in the demand of high-resolution videos, the size and the amount of data in the broadcaster’s headend has also increased by a significant amount. The SDI cables are not enough to handle these media transitions from SD to HD, HD to 4K and soon to 8K channels thereby becoming a necessity for the broadcasters to adopt IP networks.

Interra Systems’ ORION 2110 Probe is a powerful solution to deal with the diverse complexities and challenges of the SDI and IP environments. The 2110 Probe offers comprehensive ST 2110 monitoring, including ST 2110 main and redundancy signals, and NMOS-based ST 2110 feed discovery in the network.

Product Specs

  • Key Features
  • Monitor ST-2110 streams for both QoS and QoE
  • Simple and powerful approach to process metadata like closed captions, teletext, and TC
  • Enables media companies to rapidly detect video quality issues throughout the video  workflo
  • Supports the monitoring of PTP (Precision Time Protocol) messages for all the Ethernet  Network Interface
  • Offers rich set of REST APIs to ensure seamless integration with third-party software
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