Boxin Photoelectric co., Ltd

Changchun Boxin Photoelectric Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2001. It is a private company owned by several of

the company’ s executives. Boxin is a manufacturing company that supplies optical products and technical

services for Mechanical Vision,Modern Industry, Research and Education,Laser Applications,Medical Instru-

ments and Automation Equipment, It is also a Strategic partner engaged in product outsourcing contracting

and manufacturing High-Precision Optical components. The products are sold to many countries and regions

and have gained high reputation.

Boxin has more than 300 employees, with an 11,000 square meters production area including standard optics

production,and Ultra-clean rooms. It has over 500 advanced processing machines and inspection equip-

ments. For instance:Satisloh,Optotech,Trioptics, Mahr,Leybold,Zygo,Lambda,Hitachi,Ak-100,Fujinon,

LungPien etc. Our main core products are cylindrical lens,toric lens,aspherical lens,spherical lens,flat and

other high precision optics,Large Size Optics,and Shaped Integral Mounted Optical components.

After years of management optimization,Boxin has established a complete team of R&D,Production,Process

and equipment modification,Quality Control and Marketing Services, in order to meet various products

demand by customers. The company will always wanted to “None-stop to Innovation,Honest and Trustwor-

thy to our customers, Reach customers Demand is our priority, and supply Best Quality products is our prin-

ciple.” Boxin’ s development mission is to provide High Quality products and services to our customers!

Product Specs

The processing materials for Boxin’s products covered almost all material types throughout the market, such as Optical Glass, Color Glass, IR & UV Materials, Fiber Optical Glass, and Acoustic-optic Glass, etc

Freeform Products

Dimension Range (mm): 5-330

Cylindrical Lenses

Dimension Range (mm): 2~1200 (Max width : 650mm)

Aspherical Lenses

Dimension Range (mm): Φ10 ~Φ450

Flat Optical Components

Dimension Range (mm): Φ1.8~Φ1200 (maximum processing size for non-circular plano products: 1200mm)

Toric Lenses

Dimension Range (mm): Φ10~Φ300 (Maximum processing size for non-circular toroidal lens : 300mm)

Spherical Lenses

Dimension Range (mm): Φ3 ~Φ130


Dimension Range (mm): 3~500

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