OMS (OMNEO Main Station) – RTS Digital Partyline

RTS Intercom Systems

OMS (OMNEO Main Station) is the beginning of a new era of intercom systems called RTS Digital Partyline. This powerful single system bridges legacy analog partyline users who wish to migrate to digital functionality while using their existing equipment. Furthermore, OMS connects both wired and wireless intercom products. OMS represents an incredibly versatile and easy-to-use solution for a wide range of applications – a communications multi-tool for theaters, houses of worship, industrial, broadcast and event venues.

Using OMNEO, OMS interconnects with our digital matrix products including keypanels, ROAMEO wireless and digital beltpacks. OMNEO is an architectural approach to connecting devices that need to exchange information such as audio content or device control (Dante & control). In addition, it can serve as a stand-alone base station for ROAMEO, RTS’s digital wireless communication solution based upon DECT.

The OMS is available in five licensed models; Analog Only, Analog Plus, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The OMS allows for increased capacity and functionality as business needs grow.

The OMS has the easy-to-use RTS digital icon-based front panel display, along with a simplified menu structure to allow system configuration and control from the front panel and display.

  • Supports up to 40 OMNEO or ROAMEO belt packs and up to 16 party lines. Ethernet connectivity through copper or fiber connections available.
  • Supports 4 ports of analog AIO 4-wire and 4 ports of analog 2-Wire (RTS / Audiocom / Clear-Com formats supported). Auto nulling capability (echo cancellation) available on 2-Wire interfaces.
  • Supports up to 8 keypanels (any mix of analog/OMNEO/RVON) depending upon product licensing. (Maximum 4 analog

Product Specs

A compact main station is presented in a compact 1RU enclosure, which means it can be mounted in a standard 19 inch equipment rack.

Dimensions are as follows:
19” w/ rack ears (17.56” w/o rack ears) W x 1.7” H x 7.72” D (including connectors)
(482.6 mm w/ rack ears [446.1 mm w/o rack ears] W x 43.7 mm H x 196.1 mm D [including connectors])

The active area of the display is 120 mm x 19 mm.

The resolution must is 4.7 pixels per mm (approximately 120 dpi), with the ability to reproduce a minimum of 65536 colors. The luminance of the display is user-adjustable up to the maximum rating, which is no less than 12,500 Candela per square meter of display, when all pixels are set to show white. The display technology is TFT. Display viewing angle is 80 degrees, vertically and horizontally.

OMS has a front-panel headset XLR connector with the following optional genders: 4M, 4F, 5F. The 5F actually has 6; an extra center pin is provided for PTT. For the microphone portion it can self-sense dynamic or electret microphones.

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