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Noitom International, Inc.

NoitomVPS expands our technologies’ capabilities through deeper integration with Unreal Engine and presents the opportunities for our users to jumpstart their virtual productions with the latest tools and techniques. By providing an all-in-one hardware and software package, NoitomVPS streamlines the virtual production process with step-by-step workflow guides verified to work as well as Blueprint-based solutions for remapping characters, controlling virtual cameras and many other key virtual production tools.

NoitomVPS allows for a small team to start with the essential tools and understanding of the current state of virtual production and grow with the technology and capabilities. We can provide small to large scale productions the tools they need to create content using the latest pipelines. NoitomVPS is an iterative project that will be updated as new tools, techniques and engine versions become available.

Product Specs

Alexander Alvarez

Director, International Marketing and Business Development