Net Insight AB

In a world where best-effort is the norm, we created the Nimbra portfolio to enable reliable long-distance media networking across any infrastructure. Giving you the peace of mind to focus on what really matters – your content and the creation of it. Turn on the system, walk away, and never look back. The Nimbra will be there to do the heavy lifting day after day, so you don’t have to.

Need media application flexibility to manage different events and network monetization? The same platform can handle your changing needs with simple remote reconfigurations.

Product Specs

  • Want to change video compression from JPEG2000 to H.264? Check.
  • Increase bandwidth for your data connections? Check.
  • Add hitless protection on the go? Check.
  • We know there’s plenty of media gear out there, and we’re proud for every customer who joins our family. The best part of it though? We know from experience they will be just as happy as we are.
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