Newtec Dialog®

ST Engineering iDirect

The Newtec Dialog platform is a scalable and flexible multiservice satellite communications platform that allows service providers to build and adapt their networks easily as their businesses grow. As such, Dialog secures the future of operators, giving them the power to offer a variety of mobile and fixed services while making hassle-free decisions on which technology to use.

Product Specs

Newtec Dialog® delivers efficiency, flexibility and scalability and its latest release continues to break through technology barriers. In addition to achieving the industry’s highest return rates in shared bandwidth networks , Dialog 2.2.3 release includes several key features:


  • Fastest returns in shared bandwidth networks, achieving up to 200 Mbps on return link on MDM5010s
  • Use of efficient DVB-S2X and Mx-DMA technologies resulting in 600 Mbps aggregate throughput per modem
  • More TCP sessions and embedded acceleration for Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Low jitter for real-time applications


  • Full range of MODCODs for different link conditions to now include VL-SNR
  • Enhanced ACM algorithm to optimize user experience


  • L2oS optimization for ease of network expansion
  • Better browsing user experience with L2 TCP acceleration for 1000s of broadband sites
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