Audio/video monitoring solutions

Rohde & Schwarz

Bringing all your networks together in one family of monitoring and multiviewing solutions allows you to improve operations and consistency.

Scaleable performance, innovative functions and cloud capabilities are what you get with a Rohde & Schwarz monitoring and multiviewing solution. Choose from a wide range of supported input protcols and formats both for distribution or production applications including streaming media. Couple your monitoring solution with cloud based tools to complete your end to end solution. Benefit from the high-quality and in-depth development expertise in Rohde 6 Schwarz and be sure your multi-network infrastructure performs for your customers.

Product Specs

R&S®PRISMON monitoring solutions

A/V Monitoring for distribution and delivery

Key facts

  • Advanced audio/video monitoring solution for distribution and delivery environments
  • Unified multi-standard/multi-protocol approach for OTT, SMPTE 2022-1/2 and DVB
  • Comprehensive and extendable set of intelligent functions for signal analysis, monitoring and quality control of audio/video content
  • Future-proof software-defined solution ready for the cloud


Designed for cloud based analysis of media streams delivered OTT to consumers this monitoring-as-a-service solution expands the view of professional media companies outside their own premises

Key facts

  • Browser driven deployment of cloud instances
  • Automatic analysis of media stream with real time fault detection
  • Easy to deploy with the set up wizard
  • Highly flexible use models for event driven usage peaks

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