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Specifically designed for use where operators need confidence monitoring of a MADI stream. With Powerful user features accessible via the web UI, the MPA1 MADI is simple to use and flexible enough to meet specific and demanding workflow requirements. 


  • High quality audio monitoring of 64 MADI audio channels
  • Fast and intuitive stereo monitor mixing of up to 8 MADI Sources
  • Audio level meter display of up to 8 audio pairs
  • Quick store and recall of up to 16 monitor mixes
  • Source Label and Monitor Mix Label display
  • High quality internal loudspeaker system
  • Headphone and External Loudspeaker monitoring Outputs.
  • Built in web server allows remote configuration, control and monitoring over an Ethernet network.
  • SNMP control allows for tight integration with TSL Tallyman and 3rd Party Control Systems
  • Free software updates

Product Specs

  • 1RU 100mm unit depth
  • 1 x Coaxial MADI Input (with loop through connection)
  • 1 x Optical MADI Input
  • 1 x Balanced Analogue Output Pair
  • 1 x ¼ inch Headphone Output
  • 1 x Front Panel USB
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet control and monitoring port
  • 100-240V 50/60Hz mains input on IEC
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