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Our precise, robust and lightweight 2-axis head for high-end digital cinematography is ideal for medium-sized camera packages, for example, ARRI Alexa with a large zoom lens.

Provides Rapid Precision Movement

The L40 uses powerful 100Nm motors and cycloidal gears to allow rapid movement of even the heaviest payloads. The motors are custom designed and built in-house specifically to provide the highest power output in the shortest package. The motor/gear combination provides zero backlash and with this zero delay, resulting in immediate crisp replication of the operator’s commands.

Back-pan option

A popular choice on the L40 is the back-pan option. This enables the L40 mounted on a jib or crane to be swung through an arc, whilst automatically ensuring the camera is always facing the same plane of action from the start to the end of the arc movement. This makes combined camera and crane moves simpler, and the camera operator and crane operator can focus on their own tasks without impeding each other.

Reduces costs

The L40 is specifically designed to be simple enough for either a Camera Operator or Focus Puller to set up and use, without requiring a remote head technician on set. This means that productions can benefit from headcount savings, whilst the Camera Operator and Focus Puller can easily fill the Remote Head Technician’s role.

Simplifies operation

The L40 uses a single daisy-chain power and communications cable to connect Mo-Sys components together quickly and simply. In addition, all motors feature a hole through the centre enabling standard camera cables to be connected to the camera whilst allowing full pan, tilt, and roll movement without the use of slip rings. This design significantly reduces any possibility of cable tangles and removes the need for specialist adapter cables.

Reduces shooting downtime

When moving a camera from a fluid head onto the L40, the power of the L40’s motors, the cable connect holes through the motors, and the open ‘L-shape’ design, all enable the heaviest camera rigs to be moved straight onto the L40 without needing to remove peripherals first. Also, the L40’s motors have been designed to be powerful enough to support an unbalanced camera body plus peripherals during a lens change, reducing downtime between shots.

Virtual production enabled

The L40 is capable of virtual production workflows due to its 3-axis motors having built-in encoders. The encoders provide pan, tilt and roll data, and this can be supplemented by adding other Mo-Sys options to provide the additional X,Y,Z axis data completing the 6-axis data set. The L40’s data set can be delivered to virtual production software, and used live for on-set pre-viz or on-set finishing, or saved for post-production compositing.

Widest choice of camera/lens combinations + roll axis

The clever design of the L40 delivers a remote head that weighs only 18kg/40lbs yet supports a camera/lens payload of up to 40kg/88lbs, meaning that virtually any camera/lens combination can be used. This enables DPs the widest choice of tools to choose from. Additionally, a two-axis head can be effortlessly upgraded to a three-axis model with a 360˚ roll axis.

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Product Specs

Weight: 18 kg (40 lbs)

Payload: 40 kg (88 lbs)

Pan/Tilt speed: 180°/sec

Pan/Tilt range: ±720

Max system bus length (operating distance): 100 m

Max operating distance with optional radio: 300 m

Max operating distance with optical fiber bridge: 20 km

Pan/Tilt control options: Hand-wheels, pan-bar, joystick, micro joystick

VR encoder resolution: > 2 Million counts per revolution

Power: 15-32V (24V nom) 3A (nom) 20Apk

Mains: with PSU 110V-200V

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