Media Links

MetroXPRESS – a Scalable IP Transport Solution for Metropolitan Networks

Designed for Broadcasters, Service Providers and Content Rights Holders who have access to, or own fiber connectivity, MetroXPRESS is intended as a replacement for legacy point-to-point SD/HD video transport over dark fiber networks in local or metropolitan or regional areas. The core value proposition of MetroXPRESS is to more simply & cost effectively accommodate new differentiated IP-based media services while optimizing the efficiency of and visibility into overall network operation and performance. All with the overall objective of lowering the total cost of ownership over the life of the investment.

The system solution provides real-time, low latency delivery of media (video, audio and data) from the content source to multiple destinations and back again. It includes an integrated, self-contained portfolio of edge, core and network management components necessary to directly connect to native IP networks on a fiber infrastructure for wide area media content delivery. A typical package consists of the Media Links MD8000 platform, MDP3000 Series IP media Gateways, MDX aggregation/core switches, and ProMD EMS network management software. These products are known for their robust reliability, stability in mission-critical environments and overall flexibility.

It is designed to accommodate today’s existing SDI-based infrastructure with the ability to gracefully transition to a more versatile, flexible IP environment with evolving media resolutions, encoding and encapsulation formats.

Product Specs