MediorNet FusioN 3A

Riedel Communications

Standalone IP Converter & Multiviewer

The versatile design of the FusioN series of standalone IP converters addresses multiple scenarios of connectivity between SDI/HDMI and fiber optical to IP ST2110 formats. Furthermore, the products can also cope with compressed formats such as JPEG-2000 or JPEG-XS. Not only you can convert signals, but the FusioN frame can be turned into a 16 image IP ST2110 Multiviewer.

The solution comes in two miniature frames, each one with a flexible set of inputs and outputs and reprogrammable with different software functions. The compact and quiet FusioN series is perfect for interconnection of IP signals to SDI or HDMI display or for connecting SDI signals of remote cameras. 


  • Quiet and compact frame can be installed neatly on the back of your monitors
  • Versatile software-defined hardware, can be turned into a gateway, JPEG-2000 or JPEG-XS encoder/decoder or a multiviewer
  • Flexible inputs and outputs via a selection of SFP modules
  • Ultra-dense I/O capacity of up to 8 signals
  • Cabling is simplified by bringing IP over fiber to the device
  • IP enabled any source, any essence, anywhere 

Versatile hardware and software configuration 

With selectable I/Os, fiber optical and conversion software, the FusioN miniature converters can be tailored to meet the demands of any case of application. Both models optimize space and cabling, and save energy costs while supporting any source formats.

Product Specs

Miniature 3 SFP Slots Frame, 10GE & HD/3G Support

The FusioN 3A is a versatile standalone processing frame that can be configured with your selection of MuoN A10 SFP each one capable of encapsulating from SDI to ST2022-6 or de-encapsulating ST2022-6 to SDI or HDMI.   

The multipurpose frame can run two different software Apps providing either dual 10GE uplink transceiver support for ST2022-7 with a single MuoN A10 SFP, or a single 10GE uplink transceiver with two MuoN A10 SFP.

The FusioN 3A hangs neatly and practically off the back of a display monitor or can also be installed into a 2RU bracket that houses up to 18 frames.


  • Use of MuoN pluggable SFPs
  • Support of ST2022-6 gateways
  • Auto-sensing of HD/3G formats
  • SM or MM 10GE fiber optic support


  • Low power consumption
  • Space, power and weight economies
  • Field upgradeable
  • Ultra-modular solution
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