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MediaPulse Media Orchestrator

Automate, Integrate and Simplify Your Facility

MediaPulse Media Orchestrator streamlines and automates content processing workflows and information flow across all departments and vendors. Propelled by intuitive workflow models, both equipment and people are directed to perform their required tasks at the right time.

Our Visualizer application provides a graphical UI for creating both large and small workflows quickly. These workflows orchestrate other systems and their automation. Built-in decision making evaluates complex conditions and run your facility automatically. Exceptions requiring intervention are alerted and highlighted to appropriate users.

Benefits and Features

  • Graphical workflow tool
  • Manages manual and automated workflow for your entire facility
  • Built in decision making allows for fewer orchestrated workflows
  • Automatic workflows to create order for other departments and external vendors
  • Configure workflows with easy-to-use scripting
  • Emails, alerts and dashboards provide real time updates
  • Prioritized queue management for all manual and automated tasks
  • Quickly search assets and trigger workflows
  • Watch folder workflows manage file movements and functions
  • Adapters for common transcode, delivery, QC and DAM systems
  • Development Platform for custom adapters
  • Audit trail tracks system activity, data changes
  • Automatically assign resources to workflows
  • Create scheduled workflows through Excel Spreadsheets

Workflow Operations

With MediaPulse Media Orchestrator users can automates tasks, reduces redundant data entry, produces operational dashboards and manages all resources in one platform.

Operations are accelerated as the system manages orders, assets, workflows, scheduling, video circuits, billing, cost accounting, analytics and reporting. Events triggers are created, transmitted to systems and monitored for status.

Task Management

Automated tasks are combined with manual tasks to create a simple-to-operate and powerful platform for managing entire facilities. Workflows are easily created to contain automated operations for watch folders triggers, transcoding, QC and delivery, as well as manual operations.

Operations are associated to rates for cost tracking and invoicing to resources for scheduling. Seamless integration with MediaPulse MetaVault allows access to physical or digital asset libraries.


The Media Orchestrator workspace is configurable to the user’s role. The data schema is extendable, allowing users to add fields, rules-driven notification engines and integrations for complex multi-user, multi-system workflows.

About Xytech

The world’s best media companies have depended on Xytech to run their businesses. MediaPulse is the only end-to-end solution for the complete content lifecycle. It provides scheduling, automation, asset management, billing, and cost recovery for broadcasters, media services companies, and transmission facilities in a scalable platform-independent solution.

Product Specs

Media Orchestrator Video

Watch this short video to gain an understanding of the MediaPulse Visualizer.  Hear from President and CEO, Richard Gallagher, as he discusses Xytech’s methodology behind automation and the benefits of selecting Xytech as a partner. Also hear from VP of Professional Services, Tanmay Goel, as he walks through some of the major key functions of the Visualizer.

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