M-CLEANIT IP/SDI profanity delay

Crystal Vision Ltd.

The M-CLEANIT is Crystal Vision’s latest profanity delay system which is designed to prevent the broadcast of unwanted or offensive video or audio material. Equally suited to IP and SDI environments, the M-CLEANIT’s flexibility allows it to be fully customized for any workflow.

With intuitive control from a smart button box and separate reaction controls to event and restore, the M-CLEANIT offers the biggest choice of ways to deal with video and audio profanities to keep broadcast content protected – including clean switching to two different video sources or a web page, blurring the video, showing black or blue or color bars, muting individual audio channels and switching to another audio source.

To give the operator time to react, the M-CLEANIT allows an IP or SDI live content stream to be delayed by up to 600 frames (that’s 20 seconds in 1080i59.94 and ten seconds in 1080p59.94).

Equally suited to traditional broadcasting or social media webcasts, the M-CLEANIT is the ideal product to prevent expletives, obscene gestures, wardrobe malfunctions, bloopers, competitor mentions, coughing fits or technical problems from making it to air.

The M-CLEANIT is a software app that runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor hardware, a card which features a powerful CPU/GPU processor and both SDI and 10GbE IP network interface connections and which is housed in the Vision frame.

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Product Specs