GNSS Referenced frequency master


MGE5000 is a GNSS or PTP IEEE std 1588-referenced frequency and time standard (GPS, Glonass, Galileo o Beidou) . It has been designed for synchronization of multichannel SFN broadcast networks, which need a ultrastable frequency standard. It simultaneously provides up to ten 10MHz outputs and ten 1PPS synchronous outputs.

It has an internal high stability oscillator (OCXO) that allows to keep the holdover, in case of input reference interruption.
The  GNSS modules, the control board and the power supplies are front-removable for an easy maintenance.

Product Specs

  • GNSS-referenced frequency master (GPS, Glonass, Galileo & Beidou)
  • Synchronization via PTP IEEE std 1588 protocol (optional).
  • Multi-band GNSS receiver, thus reducing the temporary error to less than 5ns and enabling not to be affected by ionospheric errors.
  • The receiver employs T-RAIM algorithms for excluding anomalous signals and jamming detection.
    And jamming detection.
  • High performance internal OCXO.
  • Provides up to ten 10 MHz outputs and ten synchronous PPS outputs.
  • 1+0 o 1+1 configurations in 1RU.
  • 1+1 configuration with double antenna input and automatic switching system.
  • Front – removable power supplies and modules.
  • Power supply  220Vac and/or -48Vdc.
  • Double power supply (optional).
  • Remote management via Web server / SNMP and local management via display.
  • Front RJ45 connector for local management of each module independently via Webserver.
  • The Webserver not only shows information on the available parameters, but also provides a list of satellites, graphic representation of constellations, etc.
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