Formo-SAR:Synthetic-Aperture Radar (Tron Future Tech Inc.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022
  • Tron Future Tech Inc. continuously delivers world’s thinnest all-digital phased array systems. To create such systems, we have thoroughly studied and tested fundamental principles to make breakthroughs in III/V or CMOS ASIC/SoC, antenna, packaging, cooling, DSP, digital array system, data processing, computer architecture, language compiler, information architecture, production testing methods etc. Making high-end phased arrays in thin form factor allows Tron Future Tech Inc. to create never-imagined applications for diverse industries.
  • Formo-SAR is a 5m x 1m satellite synthetic aperture radar. It is composed of 5 synchronized phased array antennas each with an 1m x 1m aperture size. Its total weight is about 175kg excluding the spreading mechanism. Formo-SAR has 20,480 antennas, operates in the X-band, transmits a peak 5kW RF power (~100MW EIRP) at 5%-10% duty cycle with less than 4000W average DC power consumption. It operates in low earth orbit and circles the earth every 90 minutes. It achieves High Resolution (<1m) Wide Swath (~500km) through four digital multibeam. It is an all-weather active remote sensing system commonly used for environmental and disaster observation. 

Product Specs

  • Carrier Frequency : 9.65 GHz (X-band)
  • Size : 5m (along-track) x 1m x 0.1m
  • Mass : 175 kg
  • PRF : 500 – 15k Hz
  • Chirp Bandwidth : 6 MHz ~ 430 MHz (Selectable)
  • Peak Radiated Power : 5120 W
  • Polarization : Single: HH, VVDual: HH/HV, VV/VH
  • Power Consumption : < 5000W
  • Power Input (Primary/Redundant) : DC: 50 ~ 67 V (Isolated)
  • Control and Telemetry Interface (Primary/Redundant) : UART (RS422)
  • Image Data Interface (Primary/Redundant) : SerDes (Aurora)
  • Radiation : TID > 15 krad (Si)
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Alan Kuo

Business Development Manager