EVO Prodigy Desktop with ShareBrowser MAM

Studio Network Solutions

EVO is the high-performance shared storage solution purpose-built for creative media teams. All EVO servers include our powerful and easy-to-use ShareBrowser media asset management software, robust automations engine and API, and our new remote editing utility to help your team work from anywhere. It is a complete workflow solution for broadcast, VFX, and post-production teams of all sizes. Experience a better workflow with EVO.

This compact system features a small and quiet desktop enclosure that accommodates four 2.5” or 3.5″ enterprise edition disks and is ideal for compressed workflows, mobile/field artists, and studios without rack space. The EVO Prodigy Desktop enables centralized network storage workflow, project sharing, and asset management for two user workgroups, and workstations can be directly connected to Prodigy — no Ethernet switch required.

Product Specs

Base Chassis Physical and Electrical
  • 64-bit, multi-core CPU, Desktop Storage Server
  • Power Requirement: 115-230VAC 60-50Hz (auto switching)
  • Power Supply: 300W, non-redundant
  • Maximum Load: 2.72-1.36A
  • Operational environment: 40 to 72°F (5 to 22°C)
  • Thermal @ Idle: ~225 BTU/hr
  • Thermal @ Max Load: ~300 BTU/hr
  • Physical dimensions: Length 13″ x Width 8.75″ x Height 9.25″
  • Shipping dimensions: Length 23″ x Width 21″ x Height 12″ (35lbs loaded)
  • Rack Height Requirements (Stacked on Shelf): ~6U
  • SPL: Idles at approximately 45db SPL @ 1m, A-weighted, on the slow (averaging) response time. (The predominant audible component is semi-broadband noise from cooling fans, and secondarily from the spinning disk drives. Fan noise may be higher during system boot-up, and possibly during periods of sustained, very high data transfer rates. There is also an audio beeper built into the system that is intended to function as an alert when particular fault conditions occur, such as a failed disk drive.)
Connectivity and Expansion
  • Included ShareBrowser, Nomad, Slingshot: Unlimited
  • Included GbE Ports: 2
  • Maximum GbE Ports: 8
  • Maximum 10GbE Ports: 2
  • Maximum SATA Disks per Chassis: 4
  • Maximum Disks per System: 4
Supported RAID Levels
  • RAID Levels: 5 and 6
Available Drives (2.5″)
  • SSD: ~1TB, ~2TB, ~4TB, ~8TB
  • HDD: 1TB Enterprise-class RAID-edition 6Gbps SATA drives
Available Drives (3.5″)
  • 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB RAID-edition 6Gbps SATA drives
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