Electronics for Space Applications-Reliability Verification (INTEGRATED SERVICE TECHNOLOGY INC.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

Launching satellites into orbits from ground stations will subject electronic components into different environmental challenges including shock, vibration, high temperature, vacuum, and radiation. The above-mentioned conditions may result in malfunctions or failures. It is indeed a demanding task to repair them in space if errors occur in the satellite’s service life. Thus, this mandates electronics for space applications must go through and pass a spectrum of reliability tests to evaluate their qualities and life time. 

Armed with enriched reliability test experiences and equipped with the required equipment, iST is here to provide you with comprehensive verification services , which enables you to focus more on product R&D, improvement, and enhance product competitiveness.

Product Specs

  • Operating Life Test
  • Mechanical Stress Test
  • Accelerated Lifetime Simulation Test
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