Electronics for Space Applications-Radiation Test (INTEGRATED SERVICE TECHNOLOGY INC.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

Space radiations, originating from cosmic rays, solar flares and radiation belts, contains a variety of high-energy particles, including protons, electrons and heavy ions which may deteriorate satellite electronic components and result in temporary or permanent functional errors. Thus, electronic components for space missions require exposure test on the ground to evaluate their radiation susceptibility.

Subjecting electronic components to radiation tests requires integrating specialties and practical experiences in satellite missions, radiation sources, dose calculation, measurement and radiation safety protection to name a few. This is usually a tall order for novices to do it right. 

With iST’s vast experiences in reliability qualification and customer communication, iST can help manufacturers in accelerating their radiation testing.

Product Specs

  • Single Event Effect Test (SEE)
  • Total Ionizing Dose Test (TID)
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