EclProfile CT+ by PROLIGHTS

A.C. Lighting Inc.
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High-quality six colours LED ellipsoidal, tunable white, and colour mixing.

EclProfile CT+ is a high quality, six colour mixing LED ellipsoidal. Designed to reach the finest quality of light for white tones and colour spectrum, its custom LED array and powerful onboard colour control allow to reach bright and high-quality whites, up to 97 of CRI, keeping a consistent output and ensuring total control of the light. The wide feature set includes special theatrical functions such as tungsten emulation on dimming, colour gels, virtual CTO, and studio functions, such as +/- green correction on linear white CCT.

Product Specs

Main features:

  • Linear white CCT from 2.800 K to 10.000 K with CRI up to 97.
  • RGB / CMY / HSI 3 ch colours control of the six colours LED array for easy access to any desired colour.
  • Industry-standard colour gels matching, tungsten emulation on dimming, tint control (+/- green).
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Eric Druker

Film and Broadcast Specialist