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The Flexible, Intuitive, Subscription-Based Solution Built to Manage All Aspects of Your Facility

Tailored for facilities under 50 people, Dash streamlines organizational efficiency and provides instant visibility into the management of their facility.

Equipped with real time dashboards, graphs and charts, Dash manages scheduling, quoting, invoicing and reporting all in one easy-to-use system. The cloud-based platform is safe and secure, providing easy access on any browser with HTML5.

Dash is a monthly subscription platform with a flexible user count to expand or contract with your business. Dash is powered by Microsoft Azure for reliability and Xytech engineers will have you up and running quickly.

Benefits and Features

  • Cloud based and hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Safe and Secure, all data is encrypted
  • Supports Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  • Low commitment
  • Affordable monthly subscription
  • Streamlined review and purchase process
  • Accelerated implementation has you up and running in days
  • Unmatched innovation and advanced software technology
  • Dynamic user counts

Dash Modules


Supports system-wide preferences and system maintenance functions for Contracts, user profiles and customer profiles.


The scheduling of people, equipment, sound stages, edit suites, trucks and anything else you need. Schedule resources in a variety of ways, the system dynamically checks for conflicts, ensuring the correct availability.

Job Management

Easily identify and manage critical path information, activities and dates.  Flexible and easy enough to allow both high-level and detailed presentation of information.

Optional Modules


The complete, project-based bidding and budgeting system used by sales and production planning personnel to assemble any number of bids or budgets for a project or production. 

MetaVault Library

Supports the management of digital and physical assets and content metadata with unlimited metadata profiles configured to all the media types you manage.

About Xytech

The world’s best media companies have depended on Xytech to run their businesses. MediaPulse is the only end-to-end solution for the complete content lifecycle. It provides scheduling, automation, asset management, billing, and cost recovery for broadcasters, media services companies, and transmission facilities in a scalable platform-independent solution.

Product Specs

Introduction to Dash Video

Created for the media and broadcast industry, Dash is a cloud-based platform accessible on any device. Built to manage the operational needs of smaller facilities, the subscription-based software takes just a few days to implement and enables smaller video departments and post-production operations the ability to leverage Xytech’s world-class workflow capabilities.

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