Dalet Galaxy xCloud – Enable home-based production


Seamless Mobility and Home-Based Production 

Enable remote workflows quickly and securely, empowering all content creators – internal teams and freelancers – to access their familiar news creation tools anywhere.

Key benefits

  • Streamline remote editing experience
  • Scale-out your operations
  • Collaborative workflows, everywhere

What is Dalet Galaxy xCloud?

Dalet Galaxy xCloud is a dedicated, cloud-hosted Dalet Galaxy system, managed by Dalet as a full SaaS service, that connects to your existing on-premises system and supports workflows for remote editing teams.

Remote editing anytime, anywhere

Dalet Galaxy xCloud powerful local caching mechanism provides a seamless editing experience even under difficult network conditions. Benefit from advanced proxy editing, mixing of central and local content, ability to review packages, approve stories, and deliver breaking news in seconds!

Truly Collaborative

Dalet Galaxy xCloud brings all the latest content to your home workplace, so you can edit on growing files. With optional additions such as chat tools and Dalet On-the-Go mobile experience, you’re sure to stay connected with your teams.

Secure and easy to implement and operate

Dalet Galaxy xCloud works through a simple, but a secure gateway to your on-premise system. Hosted in AWS and fully managed by Dalet, the solution complies with our leading security policies (ISO 27100).

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