Closed Captioning & Transcription

3Play Media
3Play Media

3Play Media delivers competitively priced closed captions and transcripts that are word-to-word synchronized and more than 99% accurate, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, and accents.

Features & Tools

🖊️ Caption Editor
Your account includes a caption text editor that allows you to quickly make changes or redactions to your captions after they have been processed.

🧔 Speaker Identification
Transcription settings let you control how your files are transcribed and can be set on a file by file basis or applied to an entire folder or project.

🖥️ Account System
Order, manage, and preview your caption files in one convenient location. Our robust account system can be customized to your needs.

📗 Technical Glossaries
Keywords, a technical vocabulary, and special instructions can be preloaded on a file by file basis or applied to an entire folder or project.

🗨️ Open and Encoded Captions
If necessary, you can order videos with open captions burned in or closed captions that are embedded as a track. This is useful for social video.

☝️ Caption Placement
We provide vertical caption placement through an automated process to reposition captions to the top of the screen whenever necessary.


 Spanish Captioning
All work is done by native Spanish speakers capable of accurately capturing the cultural and linguistic nuances of your content.

✌️ Dual Language Transcription
For files that contain a mix of Spanish and English source content, we provide dual language captioning and transcription.

🌎 20+ Languages
We accept original source videos in 20+ languages for captioning and transcription. Contact us to learn more.

Product Specs