Capture Suite

PlayBox Neo LLC

In an attempt to ensure a rich viewer’s experience, broadcasters and post-production houses have to deal with receiving content from multiple live sources on a daily basis. Our latest addition Capture Suite is a multi-channel – multi-server UHD/HD/SD live ingest solution which integrates into the production workflow of any television network, post-production facility or playout center.

Capture Suite allows users to control multiple ingest channels, spread on multiple servers from a single user interface. Functions such as input selection, ingest presets, file naming conventions assignments are a single click away from the user.

Capture Suite Features

  • UHD (up to 100fps) / HD / SD ingest
  • Industry-standard codecs and containers format support
  • Manual and Scheduled capturing modes with automated input switching
  • File Splitting based on the duration
  • Clip duration increase while ingesting
  • Controls multiple servers with multiple ingest channels from a single user interface
  • Proxy Video and Audio is available few seconds after ingesting starts
  • Adding Clip Markers when navigating over the proxy video while ingesting
  • OpenMXF support for editing while ingesting in 3rd Party Non-Linear Editing applications (for example Adobe, etc.)
  • Playout while ingesting – ingested clips can be used for immediate playout in AirBox Neo-20 Automation before their ingest process is finished
  • Up to 2 presets with different resolutions, frame rates and audio mapping per ingesting channel at the same time
  • Presets can have different than the original source standard – automatic Up/Down/Cross and frame rate conversion
  • Presets can have different than the original source Audio Mapping (number of streams, codecs and bitrates)
  • Scalability – infinite/easy scalability via a client-server architecture
  • Custom Naming Template creation for convenient and faster ingest file naming
  • Built-in intelligent Resource Monitoring with automatic stopping & saving all files when Low Disk/Storage Space alarm is triggered
  • Built-in content transfer/replication of ingested media to another storage/network folder
  • Built-In Loudness audio meters for precise audio level fine-tuning
  • Built-In Multi-Viewer
  • External control from AirBox Neo-20 Automation
  • Rest API available

Product Specs