CallMe Click-&-Connect

Vortex Communications Ltd

CallMe Click-&-Connect provides a new concept in IP Audio Connectivity, that makes it simple for guest contributor – and reporters – to send broadcast audio back to the studio. Anyone with a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac has the ability to get connected with high quality, low delay audio without the need for their own hardwar codec, installin special software or having to visit the studio or a reporter visit them.

We setup your own branded CallMe page which URL you can email/text to any guest contributors all around the world and have them connected with a simple tap on the screen. 

The system uses the well know Opus algorith to deliver flowless 15kHz audio quality in a reliably way.

As for the receiver end in the studio you can use most manufacturers’ IP Audio Codec like Comrex, Telos, Tieline, Aeta etc and of cours our own Hardwar IP Codec the CallMe-T. 

For more information and your DEMO page just get in touch.

Product Specs