BBG-1300-FR 1RU Enclosure for openGear® Cards

Cobalt Digital Inc.

The Cobalt® BBG-1300-FR is a 1/3 rack-width 1RU openGear® compatible enclosure frame capable of housing up to 2 cards* as a basic standalone desktop unit, or up to 3 units racked together as a 1RU group for rack mounting. BBG-1300-FR allows openGear® cards to be supported where a full-size 2RU 20-slot openGear® frame is not feasible or required. Just like a full frame, BBG-1300-FR built-in network interface allows DashBoard™ control/monitoring of any openGear® capable card. Looping reference on the BBG-1300-FR unit itself provides card reference support without using reference connections that consume card rear module connector count.

Most cards within the Cobalt product lineup can be housed in the BBG-1300-FR, with a total available power of 60 W. Up to three BBG-1300-FR units can fit onto a single 1RU tray for maximum density where a 2RU frame is not feasible.

A front control panel makes status monitoring and network setup connectivity simple with an LCD display screen. The front rotary knob makes navigation simple and easy to use. SNMP control available.

Product Specs

  • High power for 4K and IP solutions
  • Full openGear® compatibility
  • supporting openGear-compatible cards as well as latest and legacy 20-slot frame openGear® rear modules
  • One looping reference internally routed to all user card slots
  • Two power supplies for power redundancy
  • Network Controller Card enables Dash-Board™ for seamless remote setup, monitoring, and control.
  • Front display with rotary knob and buttons for simple and quick control
  • Pull-away front door panel allows quick, easy card insertion
  • Optional Frame Support Bracket kit provides frame rear support for mobile applications
  • Remote control/monitoring via DashBoard™ or SNMP
  • Five year warranty
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