Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage


Backblaze B2 is enterprise-grade, S3 compatible storage that companies around the world use to store and serve data while improving their cloud OpEx vs. Amazon S3 and others. Customers including American Public Television, Complex Networks, and Good Eats use Backblaze B2 because it’s astonishingly easy to use – it’s built for ease of use, so you can set up and operate effectively in minutes. It’s always active, so your files are instantly accessible with no nearline, offline, or tape delays. It works with your existing workflows, connecting seamlessly with NAS, SAN, MAM, and other tools and complementing industry go-tos including iconik, CatDV, Archiware, QNAP, Synology and more. And it’s affordable: a quarter of the cost of Amazon S3, and you pay only for what you use – no minimums, tiers, or fine print. You can get up and running in minutes, with your first 10GB of storage free, or contact us to plan a personalized proof-of-concept test for free.

Learn why so many media pros choose Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage today with these incredible customer stories:

Alton Brown’s Good Eats – Reviving a Beloved Show Puts Storage at Center Stage

American Public Television – Public TV Syndicator Uses Cloud to Distribute Programs

Austin City Limits – Famed Music TV Program Ensures The Show Will Go On

Complex Networks -Media Innovators Flip the Digital Publishing Script with Multi-Cloud Strategy 

Crisp Video Group – Creative Agency Retains Law Firm Clients with Scalable Archiving

Falcon’s Creative Group – Taming Shared Storage for Complex Workflows

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