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3Play Media
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High Quality, Competitively Priced Audio Description Services

Once your media files have been uploaded to our system, your audio description will be created by professional describers who utilize our unique workflow, process, and advanced technology.

✅ Audio Description Editor: allows users to edit their descriptions and playback their edits.

✅ Extended Audio Description: allow for longer descriptions when there is not enough space to sufficiently describe the visuals in your video.

✅ Synthesized Speech: choose from eighteen English voice options, three Spanish voice options, and three-speed options.

✅ Account System: order, manage and preview your description files in one convenient location.

✅ 3Play Plugin: add audio description tracks to video players that don’t allow you to publish a separate audio track.

✅ Audio Description Formats: text-based and media-based description formats, which you can access anytime.

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