AM Colocation Devices

Kintronic Laboratories, Inc.

To make the most of your vertical real-estate, Kintronic Labs offers a variety of equipment and design solutions with the following benefits and opportunities:

Benefits of Colocation include

  • Decrease costs of land usage by combining signals on a shared structure
  • Increase revenue by leasing tower space
  • Precision engineered solutions to prevent disruption of host stations

Opportunities for Colocation include

  • Combine multiple broadcast frequencies on existing structures (Directional Arrays or Single Towers)
  • Convert existing broadcast and cellular towers into multi-purpose broadcast solutions. Examples include:
  • Two-Way Radio services
  • Station to Transmitter Link (STL) for program feed
  • Add FM translators to boost coverage
  • Low-Power TV (LPTV)
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)
  • 3G, 4G LTE and 5G Remote Radio Unit (RRU)