ADCS400 – Pyramid Cluster with Reaction Spheres (Tensor Tech CO.,LTD.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

For larger CubeSats ranging from 6U to 16U, ADCS needs larger output torque to achieve a certain slew rate and angular momentum storage large enough to prevent quick saturation. Here we recommend users to consider this ADCS400 composing of 4 ADCS100 forming as a pyramid cluster. 

In this case, the reaction sphere can be thought of as a control moment gyro (CMG). The greatest benefit of using CMG as the attitude actuator versus using a reaction wheel is its high torque-to-power ratio. How do they, CMG induces gyroscopic torque while tilting instead of inducing torque via the acceleration/deceleration of the rotor like reaction wheels. In contrast, the control of CMG is less straightforward and requires more complicated steering algorithms. 

However, users don’t have to worry about the complicated control methodologies behind it. This integrated ADCS solution is aimed at providing a user-friendly interface. Simply command the ADCS400 with attitude requirements in every time step, the system will complete the job for users.

Product Specs

  • 1Components included: RS100- Reaction Sphere*4, 3-axis magnetorquer*1, FSS100- fine sun sensor*6, MEMS Gyroscope*1, 3-axis magnetometer*1 
  • Pointing Knowledge: < +/- 0.1 deg @ sun capturable;  < +/- 1 deg @ sun is not capturable
  • Pointing Accuracy: < +/- 0.2 deg @ sun capturable;  < +/- 1 deg @ sun is not capturable
  • Max. Angular Momentum Storage: 20 mNms; Maximum Torque: 4 mNm (adjustable)
  • Rotor imbalance: better than G0.4
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V & 5V
  • Power consumption: <4W
  • Mass: < 1200 g
  • Controlled by an onboard computer (OBC) using I2C or UART with attitude command
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Jordan Hsieh

Business Development Executive