A__UHD Core


A__UHD Core is the revolutionary new audio engine for Lawo’s mc² audio production consoles. Designed as a network-based, software-defined IP DSP engine with unparalleled processing density: 1,024 mc²-grade DSP channels, which can either be utilized by a single mc² console, or be shared amongst multiple consoles for effective and space-efficient resource pooling: A__UHD Core’s Pooling license allows users to split the massive DSP power across multiple consoles, powering up to four independent audio consoles with 256 fully-featured mc² DSP channels each. As a result, only one A__UHD Core now does what previously required four individual console cores.

Plenty of reliability features are built-in. A__UHD Core features four independent IP audio streaming engines, each with a redundant pair of 10*/1 GbE network ports (SFP). The device is fully based on open standards and supports Audio-over-IP I/O via ST2110-30/-31, AES67 and RAVENNA. Each network interface supports up to 512 Rx & Tx streams with stream sizes from 1 to 128 audio channels. Redundant hot-swappable PSUs are standard, as well as network interface redundancy for all streaming and management ports, allowing redundant IP network paths using ST2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching and adheres to the Class C specification for deployment within LAN or WAN environments, allowing redundant A__UHD Core units to be housed just about anywhere on the planet—and still take over instantly if the need arises.

Finally, a flexible licensing model makes A__UHD Core ideal for both mobile applications and facility use. For mobile, the scalable DSP performance with temporary licenses is a great way to turn CAPEX into OPEX, whilst in facility applications, the possibility of resource pooling and flexible allocation of DSP resources to multiple physical and GUI-based mixing surfaces maximizes ROI for your audio infrastructure. This flexible software licensing offers fixed and temporary licenses to provide exactly what you need, when you need it. Licenses are stored on USB dongles and can be conveniently downloaded, allowing for seamless transfers from unit to unit.

Best of all, A__UHD Core’s functionally is defined by its software, making it a future-proof investment with a feature-set that is designed to expand.

Product Specs

  • NETWORK: 8x 10*/1GbE streaming ports via SFP (switchable, RJ45 or fiber options), 2x 1GbE management ports via RJ45
  • AUDIO (via external I/O devices): Mic/Line In, Line Out, AES3 In/Out, MADI, ST2110-30/-31/ AES67/RAVENNA, DANTE®, GPIO, MIDI
  • 40-bit floating point
  • 1,024 DSP channels (768 inputs and 256 summing buses)
  • Up to 768 inputs with A/B input, up to 128 aux buses, up to 96 groups, up to 96 main sums, 32 Automix groups
  • Rapid switching of channel and bus to mono/stereo/surround
  • Up to 32 surround channels, 128 VCA groups with metering, 256 GP channels
  • Surround formats: DTS&Dolby® Digital 5.1, Dolby® Pro-logic 4.0, DTS ES& Dolby® EX 6.1, SDDS 7.1, DTS-HD 7.1, various panning characteristics, surround aux bus
  • 2x AFL: 1 surround 8-channel, 1 stereo
  • 2x PFL stereo
  • Audio-follows-Video with 128 events, control via Ember+, GPI or matrix connection, envelope with up to 10s fade time
  • Loudness Metering according to EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and ARIB, momentary or short-term in every channel, integrated measurement on summing channels with display of integrated LUFS value in headline
  • Modules: INMIX with MS decoder, digital amp, 2-band fully parametric filter, 4-band fully parametric EQ, 2-band fully parametric side chain filter, insert, delay up to 1800ms – switchable units: meters, milliseconds, frames
  • 4 independent dynamic modules: Expander, Gate, Compressor (incl. parallel compression), Limiter, image, meter, Direct Out
  • AMBIT Upmix, available on every 5.1 channel, fully Downmix compatible
  • 32 Automix groups available for mono/stereo/surround channels with unlimited contributing channels each
  • Fully-equipped surround channel with coupling of all channel parameters and hyper-panning
  • IP Easy routing with dynamic support of network resources
  • Internal matrix for RX and TX audio
  • Up to 512 RX & TX streams
  • Stream sizes from 1 up to 128 audio channels
  • Up to 96kHz*, 24-bit
  • Level adjustment for all inputs and outputs
  • Downmixing from surround (up to 7.1) to stereo and mono
  • Integrated monitoring devices for remote locations, e.g. director’s room
  • 1,016 internal loop-backs
  • Full snapshot and production portability independent of console type and licenses
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