March 1, 2021
Posted February 15, 2021

Industry Sees Five Years Worth of Progress in Nine Months | Source: IABM

Fergal Ringrose
Live Production Community Director
NAB Amplify

“What we saw in 2020 was a rapid adoption of many technologies and trends that had previously been seen as ‘bleeding edge. This has fundamentally changed thinking in many content chain segments and sectors; for example, the implementation of cloud solutions has dramatically accelerated over 2020, pushing many more content chain areas into ‘mature’ or ‘commodity’ categorization than would otherwise have been the case. Organizations that were previously reticent to consider cloud for storage and processing are now embracing it; using the cloud was in many areas perceived as risky before 2020 — now it’s considered risky not to. The seemingly never-ending drive to higher and higher quality of experience also took a back seat, with ‘Covid quality’ becoming the new benchmark as organizations fought to create and deliver content to viewers using a plethora of what would previously have been considered as consumer rather than professional technologies.”

Source: Peter White, CEO,


IABM has published the latest version of its industry-standard Technology & Trends Roadmap for Media & Entertainment. It paints a picture of radical disruption across the content supply chain — but also illuminates a clear future path for M&E companies and tech developers.

When IABM launched its Technology & Trends Roadmap in mid-2019, it was widely accepted and adopted by media companies from tech suppliers to content creators, suppliers and distributors as a key tool in planning future technology requirements to keep ahead in the ongoing disruption in the M&E landscape.

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic added a powerful new disruptive driver, the effects of which have been felt in all BaM Content Chain segments as well as industry sectors. As a result, at the end of 2020, the team behind the Technology & Trends Roadmap, led by IABM’s CTO, Stan Moote, undertook a review and have produced an updated version to help industry business leaders and technologists make more informed plans to ensure their ongoing success.

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The latest Technology & Trends Roadmap is freely available via the IABM website here.

A short video of Stan Moote, IABM CTO, introducing the updated roadmap can be seen here.