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This Is the Future of TV (Until Everything Changes Again)

The US remains the largest single OTT market, generating $29B across transactional and SVOD last year — with double-digit growth in 2021 alone. Throughout the pandemic, many consumers who previously eschewed paid video entirely were finally convinced to take the plunge, and there’s new data to prove it.

PwC‘s “Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022-2026” explores these recent growth metrics in detail, and pinpoints how connected TV is shaping up to be an AVOD battleground.

Are You a Content Machine Or a Content Consumer? Both?

“‘Content’ is one of my least favorite terms,” writes Emily Reigart.

“Maybe it’s because I count myself as a member of ‘the media’ (another amorphous, ill-defined label that stirs me up; why is a conversation for a different article). Perhaps my dislike is rooted in a sort of artistic snobbishness that prefers specificity over catch-alls. Or maybe it’s not the word’s fault, but rather a frustration with content being conflated with more valuable, um, craft? (Yes, I almost just wrote content out of habit.)”

There’s a lot to unpack around content as we understand it in 2022.